I have wanted to start this blog for at least a year now but have not been able to build up the courage to make my thoughts public. I am currently in my second year of university studying Politics and Sociology this year I am taking a work experience module that requires me to complete sixty hours of work. It was difficult for me to find a volunteering role that fit my busy schedule of lectures, assignments, work, and trying to maintain something resembling a social life so I met my lecturer and fellow blogger to discuss creating this blog and utilizing the sixty hours to create a platform for my thoughts. Thankfully he gave me a supportive go ahead and agreed with me that the best way to become a writer is to start writing and sharing my work with others.

Designed by Jennifer Birch

The logo was designed by my amazing friend and incredible artist Jennifer Birch. The Typewriter signifies my mentality of ‘old school’ journalism pieces that contain hours of research and passion that speak truth to power and expose inadequacies of both the government and the mainstream media. The neon lettering acknowledges the post-modern neoliberal society which demands spectacle and constant distraction to perpetuate itself and the name Soma derives from Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’. In which characters take the drug soma which transforms the user to a blissful state. It takes away bad experiences and leaves you with a euphoric high without any hangover. This reflects my attempt to focus on the positive aspects of negative news.

This by no means makes me naïve to the conflict and divisions throughout the world and does not mean I will be ignoring negative stories, it does mean I will tackle subjects by discussing what is being done to improve the situation. For example, Climate change pieces will focus on activists and those fighting for a better world and their victories rather than just the apocalypse. I believe people are generally good and I believe that focusing on those striving for a better world and focusing on positive news can improve divisions between societal fractions. Rather than the usual focus on fear and othering, I will focus on hope and inclusivity.

I think it is important for all news sources to be open about their biases so here is a brief outline of where I fit on the political spectrum. Since the 1970’s the Overton window has shifted further and further to the right it is the new normal for people to live on our streets, nurses in need of food banks, and children living in poverty. Therefore, I am now considered to be radically left-wing and like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez I embrace this label if it is radical to believe everyone has the right to shelter and food no matter their financial situation. I believe that our society is immoral that it cannot be acceptable for the richest 26 people to own more than 50% of the population we need a drastic redistribution of wealth to take back the money they have stolen over the past few neoliberal decades. We need to scrap trickle-down policies and replace them with bubble up ones which invest in middle and working-class communities which boost society as a whole instead of waiting for the rich to drip on us.

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I identify as a progressive I believe there are many available policies that need to be put into place immediately in the UK and elsewhere and other ideas that must be trialed.
Some of these include:

  • Taxing billionaires at least 70%.
  • Legalising all drugs especially cannabis.
  • Universal Basic Income.
  • Radical changes to the Prison and Probation system.
  • Improved funding for the NHS and the separation of private healthcare from NHS funded hospitals and General Practitioners.
  • Nationalise industry especially all public transport.
  • A full acknowledgment of climate change and a real push to minimise its effects by cutting down fossil fuel use, meat intake, and plastic use.
  • Invest in sustainable energy and farming.
  • Raising taxes on global corporations such as Amazon and closing all tax loopholes.
  • Ending all Wars and weapons trading especially with countries we advise against traveling to due to their poor application of human rights.

The journey to forming my opinions has been a long one that is by no means at an end and this blog will explore these issues and many more. I am a British writer and as such I will be writing about Brexit more than I would like and these are likely to be my most negative posts although I will try to be as optimistic as possible.

I hope you enjoy reading and if there’s anything you want me to cover please ask.