On May 2nd, 2019 local elections will take place across the UK. My city of Derby and many others will now have to show some form of identification before we can cast our ballots. This despite worldwide evidence indicating that making people show ID before casting their vote does not increase faith in the democratic process or stop fraudsters it does, however, stop eligible voters from casting their ballot. Personal voter fraud is not a real issue in 2017 44.6 million people voted. After 28 investigations only one person was convicted of in-person voter fraud.

So why have the Conservative government decided to implement this unnecessary and expensive electoral reform?

For me, it is obvious the Conservative Party are the party of business and the wealthy in the UK these people have ID as they are most likely to drive and travel abroad their voters are not likely to feel the impact of the introduction of ID. In the UK the poorer you are the less likely you are to have identification you are also less likely to vote for the Conservatives sometimes it really is as simple as 2+2+4. After the last election when Labour climbed the polls and almost won the Conservatives are worried their party will not win another election. There is finally an opposition offering a different future, a future people are desperate for. One way to stop this future is to limit the number of people who can vote for Labour. Those who will be the most disenfranchised by this change are working class, minorities, and older voters who are least likely to have any form of ID while being more likely to vote Labour. Last year when the policy was trialed in five areas 340 eligible voters were denied their democratic right to vote this was deemed a successful trial which speaks volumes of what success is for the Conservatives. Now that it is being rolled out further we could see far more people being turned away.

In Derby voters can also supply two forms of non-photo ID including council tax bills and bank statements this appears to resolve the issue but in reality, 1.7 million eligible voters across the UK do not have a bank account and therefore will not be able to vote under this new system. Without offering a free ID to every eligible voter this policy clearly targets the underprivileged in society we are regressing into a country where only the wealthy can vote. This did not work in the past and I would hope will cause protests in the future. We cannot allow those in power to silence us and take away our fundamental right to vote a right our ancestors fought long and hard for a right that seems unimportant but will mean everything when it’s taken away from us.

Emmeline Pankhurst – Manchester

We should not be making it harder for people to vote we should be making it easier we should introduce a bank holiday on voting days allowing everyone the chance to vote. We should evolve out of only using predominantly churches and schools as polling stations and include places young people frequent such as bars or coffee shops. There is no legitimate reason I have ever encountered against automatic registration when one turns 18 we all receive a national insurance card at 16 why not an electoral one at 18?

It’s simple the government do not want us to vote. During the 2017 election, Labour attempted to get as many people enrolled as possible by sharing links to enrolment, videos on how to enroll, and videos encouraging people to do so on the flipside the Conservatives did none of these things. They do not want the majority to vote because they know they represent the minority.

Please sign this petition against the rollout of unnecessary voter ID laws:


If you live in any of these areas please remember your ID when you go to vote, please save your utility bills or bank statements if you do not have ID please do not allow them to shut you out of the democratic process.

Pendle, East Staffordshire, and Woking – Must show photo ID

Ribble Valley, Broxtowe, Derby, North Kesteven, and Braintree – Must Show either photo ID or two forms of non-photo ID

Mid Sussex, Watford and North West Leicestershire – Testing pre-issued poll cards and voters must present them before casting their vote.