It’s well known in Britain that we are about 10 years behind America in so many issues including privatisation, mass incarceration, and regressive tax policies this is why I follow American Politics closely and why it is vital a progressive candidate become the Democrats Presidential nominee.

It looks like the inevitable is about to happen and Bernie Sanders will announce his Presidential run imminently. As the most popular Senator in the US you would expect the so-called ‘liberal’ media to support his nomination but instead, smears and attacks are already incoming from all over the mainstream media. It looks as though they and the Washington elite are going to make the same mistake as 2016 of promoting candidates offering the tranquilising drug of gradualism whilst candidates offering wealth distribution and real progressive policies will be mocked in hopes of stopping their campaigns. This is a sure fire way to see Trump elected again.

The 2017 midterms were highlighted by the wins of young women of colour according to the mainstream media they relied heavily on identity politics which could not be further from the truth. Yes, the four most exciting nominees are young women of colour but the other thing Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Talib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Presley have in common is they ran with and for the Justice Democrats. The Justice Democrats were founded by the creators of two of online media most viewed news networks Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks and Kyle Kulinski from Secular talk and former leadership from Sanders 2016 campaign. All candidates who run with them must pledge not to take campaign donations from corporations or PACs which allows them to run on progressive policies too often snubbed by the Washington elite. These include universal healthcare, tying minimum wage to inflation and making it liveable and the ‘Green New Deal’ all of which are the root of these women’s popularity. They are also almost identical to Sanders 2016 presidential platform so don’t believe the hype when your told his policies can’t win they already have and have produced the most popular new politicians.

One of the biggest test for nominees this election cycle will be how much they support Medicare for all. 70% of Americans are now in favour of universal healthcare so of course, the Democrats candidates will have a form of Medicare for all as a campaign promise. The difference between candidates will be less about their platform and more about how much trust the voter has in them to enact the proposals. All expected candidates have shifted to a more progressive outlook in recent months at least that is what they claim but why would progressives vote for someone like Cory Booker who claim to be for universal healthcare but stopped a bill that would have made drugs much cheaper for the American people only a year ago arguing that drugs from Canada were too dangerous. It doesn’t make sense to vote for new progressives when the man who has fought for the American people his entire life is running. Vote for the original not cheap imitations like Kamala Haris who cannot decide whether she is in favour of universal healthcare or less progressive options.

The emerging mainstream narrative that only women, or people of colour, or young candidates should run for president is ridiculous and is a last-ditch attempt to maintain the status quo. They do this because there is no progressive candidate that fits enough of those descriptors.

The only potential candidate that seems to escape ageist, sexist, and racial criticisms is Joe Biden who is one year younger than Sanders but does not get dragged down by concerns about health like Sanders does. Biden recently said he had no sympathy for millennials and the very real struggles we face with student loan debt, unaffordable housing, and lack of well-paid jobs his response is to shrug whilst gaining support from Wall St. We need someone who understands how the world is beating us not someone who shrugs off our poverty.  We need Bernie Sanders to be elected President and I predict that is exactly what we will get.

There are also issues when it comes to fellow progressives who have thrown their name into the race. Tulsi Gabbard has far too many problems in relation to war and immigration to be the frontrunner among the progressive base whilst not being establishment enough to receive the support of the mainstream media. She also has past opinions on LGBT rights that will tarnish her campaign despite the decades of fighting for our rights. Whilst Elizabeth Warren does not have the campaign infrastructure that Sanders has or the same level of name recognition and will be at a major disadvantage because of this. She has also showed that she will fight Trumps ridiculousness with outrage when she mistakenly took a DNA test to prove her native roots. Whoever comes up against Trump in the general election will have to refrain from faux outrage over his racist and misogynistic comments which his base love and will instead have to attack him on policy which Sanders is known for.

The idea that the millions of struggling Americans care more about the colour of someone’s skin, gender, or age than the policies they promote is a fallacy. Student loan debt, medical bills, and low wages have left millions out in the cold. Offer them policies that will change their lives because when people cannot eat, pay rent, or find work they do not care about identity politics. The way to win is to promote economic policies designed to redistribute wealth back to those who earn it as the midterms showed.

I cannot wait for Bernie Sanders to announce his run and begin campaigning again.