The de-politicisation of LGBT Pride is a travesty created by passionate members of the community to demand their rights it has morphed into sponsored party. Yes, it’s great to celebrate how far we have come by waving rainbow flags and watching Britney Spears, but this is not Pride. Being a part of the LGBTQ community is not all rainbows and unicorns we suffer from high rates of suicide, self-harm, homelessness, and hate crimes a Pride where these issues are not central is worthless.

Part of the Peoples History Museum – Manchester

The greedy hands of neoliberalism decided that there was more profit in ‘supporting’ the LGBT community than being against us. Last year corporations like Primark and H&M released a range of Pride products full of rainbow clothing, flags, hats, bags, and anything else they could find. They talked a good talk ‘acceptance without exception’ except obviously if you are producing the clothing in Myanmar where being gay is banned in the case of Primark or Bangladeshi LGBT people who can be imprisoned for life while simultaneously making H&M’s Pride range. These corporations do not support us they profit from us and exploit us.

I don’t know of any other protest where you have to pay to attend the spirit of Pride has been lost to bureaucracy and commercialisation. Walk round any Pride and you will be inundated with advertisements for alcohol despite high rates of abuse in the community. Somewhere along the lines Pride was bought by corporations and transformed from a political march to a carnival and pop gigs full of straight people who believe we are equal because we can get married now who want to see Ariana Grande. Much of the LGBTQ community cannot afford tickets to Pride but would attend a march for rights. In 1999 100,000 people marched in that years London Pride now it is limited to only 26,500 people. Pride is no longer a protest for the LGBTQ community we lost it and we need to take it back.

We need a space we can demand fairer immigration laws that do not discriminate against gay people, clear and concise education in schools, support and services designed to combat drug and alcohol misuse, suicide and self-harm prevention, tackling homophobia in families that lead to homelessness, and stamping out the rise of hate crime especially against the Trans community. That’s in the UK alone and I’m sure there are far more inequalities we must address. Globally it is even worse people are still killed, imprisoned, and tortured for being gay we need to return to a political Pride that demands action not a party that demands a popular pop star. aths:[“/m