The Put it to the People March was the biggest demonstration since the march against the Iraq war. The British people know when they are being lied to and have a history of screaming it from the streets of London. We were not listened to in 2003 but we were proved correct, the anger of that moment changed the perceptions of politicians and their motives. The anger that will be directed to politicians who purposefully plunge us into financial ruin will be unprecedented.  

On Saturday there were two Brexit marches one pro and one calling for a second referendum. If these marches are anything to go by the tide in the country has changed. Only 200 people were present for Nigel Farage’s speech in Nottinghamshire while an estimated one million people marched the streets of London demanding a People’s vote. The problem with this logic is that those most likely to vote leave are the least politically engaged in the population. They are not people who are prone to protesting as opposed to the more left among us who are. I have been against a second referendum for as long as it has been discussed as a Remainer this may seem like an oxymoron but it is purely because I’m not Remain would win. I am starting to change my mind.

I believe Brexit will be horrendous for this country especially on those who were lied to and convinced that they could take back control. It should be clear to everyone by now that being out of the EU is far worse than being in it even the most ardent supporters concede that the country will be worse of economically. It is already happening I could talk about macroeconomics and the pound falling but who thinks about that day to day. What people care about is their own finances and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed the sharp increase in the cost of food already and this is not going to get better.

While Nigel Farage secures German citizenship for his children so they can enjoy the rights of being an EU citizen me and many others do not have this luxury we are stuck in the mess the created. Before the result he suggested a second referendum if the result was 52% to 48% in favour of remain as it would be too close to be definitive. If that margin isn’t enough to keep the status quo it sure as hell isn’t enough to plunge this country into the unknown. All of those who claim the second referendum is undemocratic are the same people who claimed one would be necessary if they lost and thanks to the work of Led by Donkeys their hypocrisy is on full show on billboard across the UK. These people have no shame but we need to continue to hold them accountable to their own words.

At this point we need some damn honesty from the government and those who claim Brexit is easy despite voting against it at every opportunity since the referendum. If MP’s have the opportunity to vote on the same thing multiple times why shouldn’t we?