In 2016 Propublica revealed that due to data mining practices on Facebook advertisers are able to limit the demographics of their targeted audience. This is especially troubling when it comes to housing advertisements as discrimination in housing is against the federal Fair Housing Act. The advertisements have been found to be targeted at white people and discriminating against African Americans, Jews, disabled people, and other minorities. The Trump administration has been inactive on this issue since 2016 when Propublica revealed this discrimination suspiciously that now appears to be changing. It is right that Ben Carson and the Housing and Urban Development department to investigate these claims and rectify the problems but the timing is suspicious they have been inactive for far too long to claim they care.

As I say this issue has been in the public for three years and no action has been taken now a few days after Facebook ban White Supremacist and White Nationalist content the Trump administration decide to investigate. Only one of these issues is new. All internet and social media companies have been working with the government to change these policies and negotiations have been underway. Now out of nowhere HUD has decided to sue Facebook. It is not that I don’t think this should happen it’s that it makes no sense for it to happen now; unless it is linked to the ban. This is a political ideological move and not related to facts.

It’s a sorry state of affairs that this is a possibility I remember when it was clear that the President did not support White Supremacy but that is not the world we live in anymore. Remember when Trump claimed there was ‘fine people on both sides’ after Nazis chanted ’Jews Will Not Replace Us’ and ‘Blood and Soil’ and Heather Heyer died after being drove into by one of those Nazis. But hey good people on both sides right? Trump knows who his base is the constant dog whistles and support of the Alt-right is not a bug it is the feature of this administration. This is yet another example of Trump pandering to his racist base. This is not to say all his supporters belong in the same category some are able to ignore the racist dog whistles because they like his other policies although I’m not sure which campaign promises he has kept. As we know although not all Trump supporters are racist all racists are Trump supporters.