The local residents in Sinfin, Derby have been fighting the councils decision to build a waste incinerator for over a decade and yesterday they finally received some god news. The plant has been temporarily shut down due to the failure of Resource Recovery Solutions to uphold the contract with the council. This is a temporary victory while the council find another company to take over the site continuing to ignore residents in favour of corporations but today we celebrate.

The incinerator which creates more CO2 emissions than coal, natural gas, and oil fuelled plants is directly opposed to Derby Councils declaration of a climate emergency in May and makes the lives of locals miserable. Thankfully the people of Sinfin will at the very least get a break from the horrendous smell and influx of flies which stops people from enjoying time outside or getting sleep when its hot because they cannot even open their windows.

Last month I along with others from Extinction Rebellion joined residents outside the plant to protest its existence and were able to hear from residents young and old about the cost to the community something council leader Chris Poulter should do as he continues to be fully committed to completing and operating a plant that causes misery for his constituents.
The local community and Extinction Rebellion are fully committed to fighting that goal every step of the way.