In the UK we are constantly bombarded with news of Brexit and the political game involved I like many others are over it. For me the most important issue we face today is that of climate change I am not alone in this feeling a few days ago a poll revealed that 71% of Brits believe it should be the new prime ministers top concern above the ridiculousness that is Brexit. Unfortunately, we currently have a Conservative government who despite announcing a climate emergency have released no policies which address the threat. Boris Johnson has appointed an environmental secretary in favour of fracking and deforestation, and during the latest by-election targeted adds circulated Facebook showing that the Conservatives are campaigning on anti-renewable energy.

I think it’s clear the Tories are not offering any solutions to the catastrophic threat of climate change while I do not subscribe to the belief that as individuals we can tackle climate change I certainly think there are things we can do to combat and demand improvements from the corporations responsible for this crisis. This isn’t about individuals saving the world we can’t 70% of CO2 emissions are created by corporations not us and those we create are only because of the current status quo of fossil fuel use.

A lot of the steps we must take as a country and a planet will impact and change our day to day lives it is inevitable but there are so many things we can do today that we wont even notice. For me one of the most important things is how we power our homes. Today Ofgem announced that a price cap on energy companies will save people on average of £75 but our bills are still going to be more expensive than in January that’s not a saving merely less of a loss and we should not be grateful. Instead we need to switch to renewable energy which is far cheaper for you and at no cost to the planet. I am currently with the largest supplier of renewable energy and the cheapest Bulb and I highly recommend you do the same.

Bulb use independent generators to provide 100% renewable energy and while the gas is only 10% renewable, produced by food and farm waste they offset this by supporting global carbon reduction projects rendering them carbon neutral. There are currently 1.3 million homes using Bulb energy each home saves 3.5 tonnes of CO2 each year combined that means that Bulb users alone have saved 4.6 million tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere this year Imagine if all 25 million homes in the UK used renewable energy without any effort we would eliminate almost 90 million tonnes of CO2 without having to change anything about our lifestyles. It takes minutes to switch and will save you money and help the planet without you having to change anything about your lifestyle. It also takes custom and therefore profit away from the fossil fuel industry intent on destroying the planet for short term profits which is certainly a win-win scenario. There is of course other renewable energy supplier’s worth checking out but this is mine and whatever company you choose make sure its renewable.

We may not be able to save the planet on our own but we can feel proud of how we treat it while demanding governments and corporations act now.